IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

His Royal Highness joined the world today at 4:24 pm EST.  He was 8 pounds 6 ounces at birth!  Kensington Palace says that the Duchess and the baby are doing well and that Prince William, who made a brief statement of "We could not be happier" after witnessing the birth of his son, was by Kate's side throughout the entire day.  

The entire country is celebrating the birth of the new heir to the throne!  London landmarks are illuminated in blue with some pronouncing "It's A Boy" in letters large enough for the city to see!  At Buckingham Palace, where the official proclamation of the baby's birth was set in a gold frame atop an easel (as is customary), people are joyous and excited.  Many are coming to lay flowers or teddy bears and other gifts at the gate, waving flags, and singing "Happy Birthday"!

Kate will remain in the hospital overnight for observation and to settle into motherhood a bit.  I am unsure as to where they will live once they leave the hospital but an apartment in Kensington Palace is undergoing renovations so Will and Kate and the baby can move in later this year.
Stay tuned.  I'll have more news to come!!

July 22, 2013 - 7 a.m. - Kate is in labor!!!  She went to St. Mary's Hospital at about 1 a.m. eastern standard time in the US this morning.  She's been in the hospital just about six hours now and palace officials are confirming that things are progressing as normal.  Prince William is at the hospital with Kate and it is expected that Kate's mom and sister will be joining her as well.  STAY TUNED!  It is going to be ANYTIME now!!!  SO EXCITED!

The announcement of the birth of the royal baby will be steeped in tradition but with a modern twist.  When the baby is born, someone from Kensington Palace will hand an envelope over to a member of the royal family to take to Buckingham Palace.  Then a formal proclamation on palace notepaper, signed by royal doctors will be placed in a frame and set on an easel  just to the side of the front gate's behind the iron railings of Buckingham Palace.  The proclamation will likely only reveal the weight of the baby and that the baby is healthy.  With the birth of the royal baby also comes a traditional 41 gun salute, notification of several world leaders by the Palace, and the verbal announcement by town criers.  Also, in a rather untraditional manner that has really only evolved of late, the birth will likely be announced on the Palace's website and I am sure via Twitter as well.

IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!!!So rumors are SWIRLING that the royal couple purposely released a due date (third hand) that was meant to throw the media off to allow them some actual privacy.  However, Camilla (who is not my favorite Brit, I have to admit) said in an impromptu speech at an event this week that she and Prince Charles are anxiously awaiting the phone call and hope to hear news "by the end of the week".  THAT IS A GREAT INDICATION (totally unscripted) that gives us all an idea of when the actual expected due date is.  Of course, with babies, due dates are estimated AND unpredictable (my guy was induced four days after his actual due date).  So we will just keep waiting anxiously!

Also, forgot to mention, and I think these will become very valuable and are also a great keepsake, the Royal Mint has created a silver "lucky" penny to be gifted to 2,013 new moms in Britain who give birth the same day as the Duchess.  AWESOME!  The coins will be gifted in a blue or pink pouch with a teddy bear note that says "solid sterling silver good luck penny."  For those not giving birth that day or just wishing to partake in the commemorative festivities, the Royal Mint has "lucky" pennies for sale too!  SO CUTE!!!!

July 13, 2013: Kate is due ANY DAY NOW!!!  TODAY is actually her due date (rumored).  We all await anxiously for news.

The royal baby will be here and the world is waiting!  Just this past week Buckingham Palace announced the royal baby's title (although we are still waiting for a name!).  The baby will be known as His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge.  It was just earlier this year that the Queen issues a royal decree allowing any and all of Prince William's children to be called Prince or Princess.

The media frenzy in London is in full effect.  Members of the media have been staked out for days waiting to catch a glimpse of Duchess Kate arriving at St. Mary's Hospital in the Paddington section of London.  Rumors on Thursday swirled about Kate going into labor but that turned out not to be true.  

  CHECK BACK HERE as I will also post as soon as I hear as well!

Will & Kate could take the traditional route of not revealing the baby's name immediately (with the birth of several past royal babies, the public waited weeks and months for a name to be revealed) or they may buck tradition and let the world welcome their baby by name right away.  I am very anxious to know what name they have chosen.  I will be delighted with Diana if it is a girl.  It would be an emotional and honorable nod to the late Princess.

Will has to return to his duties for the Royal Air Force at their home in Anglesey, wales on Monday so he is keeping a helicopter on wait at the home so he can rush back if Kate goes into labor.  Hopefully she will give birth this weekend and Will can be by her side.

When is the royal baby coming?  I CAN'T WAIT MUCH LONGER!!!!